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Friday, June 26, 2020


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Part - 8

Justice and Warning Part - 8 Last Warning - unclean things are presented. The book of the Holy Bible is the words taken from the New Testament. How can a man not see the unclean things hidden inside him? With which he gets caught in the mire of sin. God says that what comes out of a man defiles him like bad thoughts, deceit with which he is called a fool. Cleanse your mind.

Man is bound by social traditions. He consumes social and antisocial architecture for the development of his life. Runs life with the light of hard work and fasting. So that in the end salvation and peace are attained. When we are full of good fruits, fresh vegetables, good values. So thoughts that purify the mind and body came out. This is possible only when a man removes all the impure things which are born inside him. Because the pure-impure thing and food coming from outside go into the stomach and come out of the stomach. But if the mind is not clear, then the impure things produced from inside give the human to the hell tank. Such as - Bad thoughts, adultery, theft, murder, alien woman, greed, wickedness, deceit, lewdness, slander, pride, perjury and foolishness. ........ This is all that comes from within and defiles a person. God says to avoid being impure.

Verse 14 - 23 of the Holy Bible is presented in Mark's Book Part - 7, and Matthew's Book Part - 15 is presented in verses 10-20. There is no such thing that defiles a human coming from outside. She lies inside and defiles him.

14. Then he called people to him and said to them - Listen to me and understand.
15. There is no such object which can defile a human being from outside, but the things which come out from within the human being defile him.
16. If you have ears to hear from someone, then listen.
17. When he entered the house from the crowd, Joe Chloé asked him about this parable.
18. He asked them, are you also such a fool? Don't you understand that the object that goes from outside to inside a human being? She cannot defile him.
19. Because he is not on her mind. But it goes to the stomach and comes out of the stomach. By saying this he justified all the food.
20. He said that what comes out of a man's mouth defiles him.
21. Because from within, that is, from the mind of man, bad thoughts, adultery, theft, murder, alien woman.
22. Greed, wickedness, deceit, lewdness, slander, pride, false testimony, and foolishness arise.
23. All these evil things come from within and defile a human being.

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